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DevPower News Ticker ActiveX Control Version History

Version 2.1.0 (30-Dec-99)

  • New features for file-based caption items - AllItemsShowed event to inform developer when a file has been fully shown and ReloadCaption() method to force a re-download of the caption file.

Version 2.0.0 (18-Jan-99)

  • VB6 based version released (fully compatible with VB5 based version)
  • Added Direction property to allow horizontal or vertical tickers.
  • Now allows embedding of URLs within an item - these are not displayed, but passed in the Click event. This allows the HTML page or applciation containing the control to stay the same, with all URLs contained in the CaptionURL file.
  • Added Play property to allow the scrolling to be started / stopped as required.
  • Added ItemScrollStart event that is triggered just before an item starts scrolling and ItemScrollEnd event that is triggered after an item has scrolled off the ticker.
  • Fixed minor problem with CaptionURL leaving temporary files.
  • The ClassID for the control has had to change because of changes to the Click event so that the URL is passed through, however the control is "Project Compatible" with version 1.0, meaning that the upgrade should be fairly simple.

    For web page usage, the new ClassID is 32ECDB81-6056-11D2-A882-CB30CAF65244 The change means that existing Click event definitions in projects will need updating to include ByVal sItemURL as String.

Version 1.0.0 (30-Jun-98)

  • First public release.